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Hopeful is what I am now.. A lil about me I have been diagnosed with asthma since I was born.. Around 2004 I was diagnosed with AFib it was mostly controls by medications up until last year when I caught Covid now my heart stays in AFib all the time never goes back in rhythm anymore.. I always feel like I am running a marathon just doing the smallest things like walking from one room to another or folding laundry washing a few dishes ect. I have to stop and let my heart settle down so I can catch my breath.. heart rate jumps all over the place like 157 then to 42 with in less than a minute . no medications are controlling it so far.. I feel wore out all the time... No one seems to understand how bad I really feel .

    • TeriZ


      Hi I'm sorry! I have afib too. It git worse after CoVid. It is a terrible feeling when in afib. I have all the same symptoms so can relate. I now take Metoprolol Succinate 12.5 mg with magnesium each night. I also do not use salt, limit my alcohol intake and limit processed sugars because all combined put me in an episode. It took me 3.5 months to manage it. Take care

    • WinnieThePooh


      Hey there, I’m sorry for how you feel… I treat my AF with meds which usually help. I know that if you’re in a AF mood for too long you doctor may suggest having a synchronised shock to get to the right rhythm. Have you seen a cardiologist?

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