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Anyone else have lignocaine infusions for their fibromyalgia pain? (I'm booked for mine next week) These infusions have helped me immensely previously so I'm hoping this one will help. The only difference this time is I'm in full flare. Getting to the hospital will be so painful, energy-sapping and I'm having to have help even to get there! Has anyone had an infusion in this 'state'? Will it be/feel any different during/immediately after? And what were your results/reductions in pain as a result? (I do realise each person's response is different but I'm just interested generally). Thank you for reading ☺️

    • dolphinblues


      I haven't gotten an infusion before, but I have gotten an "IV push" while in a full flare. It was a bit more painful at IV sight and made my arm heavier for about an hour. For the first day or two, it seemed to only take the edge off. Then it worked like usual. I know that what I get is not the same as a lidocaine infusion. There is a big difference between a vitamin/toradol mixture and lidocaine. But, I thought that maybe the reactions during a flare would be similar. I would expect it to be more painful during/immediately after and take a little longer to feel full effect. But, I could be wrong.

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One user mentioned that they had lidocaine infusions for their fibromyalgia pain and it worked for them for about two weeks. They described it as a "chill pill" for the nerves. Another user is on the waiting list for a lidocaine infusion and hopes it will help. However, individual experiences may vary, and it's important to consult with your healthcare provider for personalized advice.

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