Any thoughts of how to let go of a thought or situation?
I have severe anxiety/ depression and I am creating situations all day long and holding on to them, recent examples; arguing with my son and not letting go, not allowing arguments with my husband to subside.
I don't know why my husband is all of a sudden ok when we barely discussed what was the problem. He was happy just to talk, but here it is the next morning and I still don't get it, and still thinking about it.
I wish I could just let it go. 😪
really stressed out that my children have told me, on many occasions in the past day that I am always anxious 😟 it doesn't seem to make a difference with or without my meds ( I can always remember to take them) or all the things I try, I still feel anxious. is this just a common rasing teens issue? I have 3 teens.

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  • Hannah_6


    Mood pill called Zoloft and weed have helped with coping as a normally antisocial person can be customer service. Parenting is hard when a kid doesn't want to listen. Mine normally listens to her dad or uncle over me. They want to be more independent ,but can only do so much stage. Welcome to talk if you want.

  • MrsB3922


    I think maybe give it a try to count your blessings daily, thinking of how blessed you are, and that things could always be a lot worse. I actually try and practice what I'm telling you to do. Also, don't think too far ahead...instead, take ONE DAY AT A TIME. That will help immensely with your anxiety. And when it comes to your kids and husband, remember life is short...if it isn't too serious, just let it go. If you need something to help calm you, maybe look into something natural like Delta8.

  • Crazycatlady100


    So what I have read was that weed and thc can make your anxiety worse do these really help?

    • EliteLexy


      hi! I work at a dispensary and have taken some online classes to educate myself as I have epilepsy. Depending on how you use, yes and no. Sativa strains are typically bad for anxiety as they can make it worse, indoca and hybrid strains seem to actually help people. That said, low dose is the way to go and not overusing. There are some really good studies online, too. Just be careful of the source as the stigma is still strong.

  • Hannah_6


    Directly answering your question. It works for me as long as I get the right strain. My local supplier is always good at finding good batches for the Price I pay. "Home grown" is nice as you never know what you're going to find in a blend. The fruity flavors seem to do the best for my anxiety. Welcome to try a CBD pen or a Hybrid pen as well. Many low tolerance people or if you're picky about your weed like I am both, it works as a calming agent that hits softer than a mini chillum. Sometimes my tummy and nerves can be picky ,so I experiment what works best. This is what's worked for me. Welcome to try it.

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