for those with bipolar 1 that have taken lamotrigine, what are your experiences? I want to talk to my doctor about tapering off of Lexapro and starting Lamictal.


Skin rash

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  • MarinaV


    I feel like it helped when I started it but when I upped the dose to 100 mg, my migraines started to increase. when they changed it to extended release, I was having more side effects and almost got an allergic reaction. I think it’s one of those medications that you really have to watch out for because of a rash you can get because it can lead to being dangerous. everyone reacts differently and I know it’s been life changing for other people.

  • McBushytail


    I love it. I mean, I can be functional. I'd had some success with Depakote, but I got resistant to it. The Lamictal hasn't had that issue at all, and a lot less weight gain.

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