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1y ago

Irregular periods and bleeding during perimenopause

Hi - I’m 45 and my periods have been irregular for almost three years. Had hot flashes throughout 2021 and half of 2022 and then they disappeared overnight. Then, my October period was long and just kind of blended into my November period and now same is happening with my next one. In the last 6 weeks, I feel like I wasn’t bleeding/spotting for maybe a total of 2 weeks. Just had a pelvic ultrasound and the results said “largely normal with endometrial thickness of 4.7 mm, maybe a bit heterogeneous and margins less defined in some views, biopsy may be considered since patient has AUB.” The biopsy is scheduled for Dec 12. Anyone experience bleeding like this before with perimenopause? (I should also add that I am hypothyroid and on Levothyroxine as well as Adderall)

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