not really sure what to say, I'm actually really introverted but yet here I am 😅 I'm 25, a type 1 diabetic of 22 years with a whole plethora of other conditions. I use a cgm & an insulin pump. I'm also a day sleeper so if you get late night replies or I take 7 hours to reply, it's not personal

Diabetes Type 1 (T1D)

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  • BribeeT1D


    ✋hi there! I’m pretty introverted myself. Cgm and pumper here too! 🤗

  • Bex854


    Hey I'm the exact same lol

  • NickyBear


    Hello we are literally the same. I’m also 25 I’ve been diabetic for 22 years I was diagnosed a few months after my third birthday. I also have a cgm and The last few months I’ve been extremely sick

  • Stargirl1989


    Hi! I'm not 25, I'm 32 but I've also been T1D for 22 years and use a pump

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