Need some help from people with POTS in the US. I was prescribed corlanor after trialing it for a month. My cardiologist suspected there’d be pushback from my insurance since corlanor for POTS is off label. They’re trying to charge me over 1,000 dollars for the only medication I’ve found so far that helps. I want to know how y’all got your insurance to cover it or if you had to switch and what to. Thanks!

  • ZeroMelody


    I can't help, since I'm Australian and our system's very different, but I do hope you can find a way through this that gets you what you need without being quite so financially draining. Best of luck and well wishes. 💕

  • Jillean


    i’m on the same boat. corlanor is SO expensive. it’s $600+ dollars for one bottle for me. my cardiologist gave me a corlanor savings card that took off $200 (which is alot but still not enough) i wonder if you could ask your cardiologist about a savings card? most expensive medications offer one. i even have one for my migraine botox injections.

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