does anyone else feel insecure about their weight/appearance? i know that I'm not fat, but that doesn't stop me from feeling like I'm overweight. what helps you to feel confident about your body?

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  • CozyVibez


    I just find clothes that I like that compliment my curves. I like to look in the mirror and compliment myself hahahaha. Otherwise I confide in my friends, and they usually reassure me and make me feel all good again!

  • wish_i_was_debonair


    I constantly feel uncomfortable with my weight, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. I am overweight, I know that, but that doesn’t make me or my body any less deserving of love and affection, too much is placed on how we look, I know for a fact that i would feel differently about my body if I didn’t have to worry about people judging me for it. Because I don’t look in the mirror and think that I’m ugly for being fat, which by the way is not a bad word it’s a descriptor just like tall, I look in the mirror and worry about finding someone who will appreciate and love me and my body the way it is, because society has made me feel inadequate based solely on a number on a scale. Remembering how I feel and have felt my whole life no longer means the same thing to me, it dosent upset me, it helps me remember that I’m strong and that even though I’ve felt a certain way about the way I look, the people that love me don’t see what I see, they see me, my personality, my love for them, and lastly they see a body that house the person they love, that allows me to hug them and hold their hand and show them how much they mean to me through actions. Because they love me, they find me beautiful inside and out, and while it’s hard to wrap your head around something like that when you don’t see your worth and beauty, you need to think about what they said and apply it to how you feel about them, because if you love them you will know that that’s exactly how you see them. Loving your body is something that most people struggle with their whole lives, both men and women, because your body goes though changes at different stages of life, the thing that helps me is what I said above that those who love you see you differently than you most likely see yourself and you need to allow yourself to see yourself through their eyes, it won’t erase your insecurities, but It might give you clarity. Oh and also people who put you down based on appearance don’t deserve for you to pay attention to them, despite whatever they look like they most likely aren’t happy with themselves either inside, outside, or both, and unless you care for them, it is not your job to fix that. I’m not sure if this helps but I sure hope it does, you deserve to feel comfortable with yourself, and if your mirror and brain are lying to you, call in a friend whom you love and trust and ask them what they see when they look at you, I did this once and was surprised that some of my insecurities were things my best friend loved the most. But at the same time you learn to love your body and appearance, remember that what’s on the inside is more imposrtant than anything. Good luck on your self love journey❤️

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