Does anyone have IBS-D? I have to take Immodium every 2 days and if I miss a dose, I have horrible cramps and diarrhea that don't stop. Are there any good IBS-D prescriptions that I can get my doctor to write out for me? I can't take this anymore...

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  • KayGirlGo


    I have IBS-D and sadly all I've been told is "watch my diet" 😥 I know that my little sister also has IBS-D and used Linzess? My partner uses Digestive enzymes for intermittent diarrhea coupled with ibs-c and they have been working great for him. 💕

  • emel5070


    Thanks, I'll check those out. Does your sister say if the Linzess helps her pretty good?

  • KayGirlGo


    She says it's great when she takes it only as needed. If she stays on it continously it seems to have some side effects for her, but medication is an individual process so you may be able to take it on a daily basis with no problems 😊 the digestive enzymes we use are Mary Ruth brand. Gentle on the stomach with no extra fillers and stuff that ibs bellies hate.

  • BenevolentErudite


    Have you tried eating plain white rice? I do that when I have excessive diarrhea. Unfortunately I have IBS-C at this point in my life.

  • BRollins8


    I have ibs and I take bentyl. It only helps the cramps but it makes a world of a difference. I can’t take Imodium because if I do I can’t go for like 4 days. Just be cautious of what you eat too.

  • IdealYelping


    I take trulance for this rather than linzess and find that unless it's continuous my IBS keeps alternating between D and C

  • cloudy


    Levsin! It is a muscle relaxer and works wonders!!

  • JJ86


    I've had IBS-D my whol life. Didn't know what it was until I was an adult. I take prescription Dicyclomine every day with an additional dose during flares. Also I also keep anti-diarrheal pills, pepto bismol pills and Imodium on hand just in case. I know it's frustrating but I've just learned to accept it as my 'normal'.

  • Hollybelle


    I used to be a daily Imodium user. Since working at home it's not as bad. My IBS has caused anxiety where even when I don't have to go it feels like I do if Im in a situation where I know I can't just go to the bathroom. I started a daily probiotic off Amazon that has helped take the edge off. It took me awhile to find the one that works for me that won't break the bank. Or give me gas and bloat. I take Imodium before I leave the house on more than a 10 min drive. And don't eat when out often because I can suddenly have to go right in the middle of the meal. Eat and drive home nope... It is not a fun life and not openly talked about. Everyone poops. Some of us urgently multiple times a day.

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