I'm 36 and my doctor is wanting me to have a hysterectomy to remove an ovarian cyst the size of an apple. I'm scared because I've never had children, but I've also dealt with the heavy bleeding, nausea, pain and burning, messed up stomach, and endless money spent on tampons that I bleed through in hours. My doctor explained that I'd go through early menopause, but I don't know what involves. He said I'd get hormone treatment, but I also have hypothyroidism and am about to start anxiety/panic disorder treatment. I'm nervous about everything overlapping.
I've heard getting a hysterectomy in your 30s isn't that bad... but I wanted to ask on here. My sister said her friends say it's the best decision they've ever made.

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  • goblin49


    I have not gone through this personally, but I do know some stuff about the hormones: Typically, as you age, estrogen and progesterone levels drop (which can lead to a variety of symptoms). But if you do end up getting hormone treatment, this help keep up your hormone levels to avoid such symptoms, and ensure estrogen can complete its other jobs throughout the body (such as strengthening your bones). These sex hormones revolve around control of the pituitary gland, not the thyroid. So I'm guessing there should not be an interaction between this hormone treatment and the hypothyroidism (ofc ask your doctor though). I would also be conscious of the more indirect side effects of hormone treatment and other conditions you are working through (ie. Increased levels of estrogen might lead to more volatile/heightened emotions, which may make it harder to work on your anxiety). Hope that helps!

    • NittyGritty2021


      thank you so much for the anxiety information. I haven't found a psychiatrist that takes my insurance yet and definitely need help with it. I can tell even the different birth controls have extreme effects on my thinking and emotions, so I didn't know what the hormone changes would do. Thank you so much❤️

  • Nikko81


    Wow I completely understand. The ovarian cysts can be very painful. I have endometriosis on top of the cysts and a history of fibroids.

  • AshtreeB


    If you still want children, fight for your reproductive rights. If it's not on your life plan, I'd say get it taken out. I had a 18lb cyst on my ovary and it was the most nightmarish experience

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