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Hey so I try to do the best I can do for my skin but sometimes I feel it’s out of my control due to hormones. Me looking at myself seriously makes me feel bad when it gets out of control. What do you all do at this point?

    • lynnette


      Me therapist told me "you weren't put on this earth to be attractive for other people." I remind myself that when I have a hard time going to work with my face band aids on lol. At this point my skin is bad enough where I haven't been able to wear makeup for almost a solid year. It's been hydrocolloidal band aids and my skin treatments. Some days it is really hard to not want to hide at home. Some days I just have to be ok with not being pretty. And I've gotten much more comfortable with that idea. My skin looks a mess today, who cares? Don't like it, don't look at me lmao. When people point out my fave band aids and ask what they are or do the stupid thing of just "yOu hAvE a StIcKeR oN yOuR fAcE" like a very socially inept jerk, I just go "it's a band aid for my skin, like anywhere else on my body." And they sometimes feel bad which honestly they should for pointing something out about someone's face lol my mother raised me better than that. But really, the best thing I've done for myself is just accept that my skin looks like this sometimes, and learn to be ok with not being pretty everyday in the way society tells me I'm supposed to be. I go to my job to shop my online orders and go above and beyond for my customers because they love me, not to look cute for people while I'm doing my orders XD I LIKE looking cute, don't get me wrong. I miss makeup. I've taken to jewelry and matching my earrings/necklaces to my fun glasses and sometimes matching my different zit stickers to them too if I have fun ones. That helps me express my creativity in a way I miss with cosmetics. Yeah, the best thing for me was my therapist telling me "your purpose on this earth isn't to be attractive for other people." Idk if this will help, but I hope you find peace in your skin! I know it's hard, I have to look rreeaallllyyy hard for it somedays and other days I only find a tiny bit. But it's more than I used to have and that's very nice. 😊

      • Randa.moo


        @lynnette hey there! Your message really helped me. I just want to say thank you for taking your time to help me with that. I agree with you and you honestly are inspiring to me about how you made something that’s hard in your life to have and try making it into something joyful. Well thank you I needed to hear that ❤️

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