okay, so I hate fireworks. they're loud and make me nervous. no one currently are setting off any, but I know they will be later. my anxiety is really messing up right now. nothing is helping with it either; drawing, listening to music, reading. nothing. and I don't know what to do right now...

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • FoxyLynn


    I used to be exactly like this until yesterday! I noticed I wasn't scared or panicked by it anymore. I believe the meds I'm on really help. But I also believe, it's due to several traumatic situations happening to me over the past year, I realized people are scarier then the unknown. So I slowly stopped becoming afraid of bangs and pops! It's like real life 🧬 changed or altered my brain 🧠. Have cake and tea with your Demons. Ask yourself why does it bother. Ask someone to scare you or open a jack in the box. It sounds weird but it's called self management.

    • Wild_Goddess


      interesting tactic

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