Hey there! Just wondered when everyone was diagnosed? I've been diagnosed since 2017 and Hashimoto's is what I have. I'm 18 and was diagnosed in 8th grade.


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  • Kattgurl


    I wasn't Dx'ed with Hashimoto's until I was in my 40's..I already had Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis for approx 10 years when Hashimoto's popped up

  • Angie


    Hi! I was diagnosed 9 years ago, I was 22… it was a bad time for me… lots of stress going on. I’m much better now

  • Pretty_Nora


    I'm 30 and got my diagnosis when I was 26. It seems like ages ago. You were diagnosed quite young... How are you coping?

  • ladybug89


    Hi i was dx at 13 im 32 now

  • Mila


    Hi! I was diagnosed in my early 30's, two years after I found out that I have ulcerative colitis, it was a hard time..

  • Alotofpain5


    This was one of my first diagnosis

  • Hlira022


    I'm coping pretty well! Taking my medication as doctor said. I don't like having it not sure who gave it to me as I was told it was inherited we can't find out who gave me it

  • Sickofbeingsick03


    I was diagnosed at 17. I'm 19 now and still struggling to feel any better! Any tips are appreciated.

  • exaustedeveryday


    2004. I had my thyroid radiated.

  • Aubs3296


    I have been struggling with Hypothyroidism since I was 11 or 12. I’m now 25, and recently got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. 🤦🏼‍♀️ send help, because I’m struggling and I feel like there isn’t hope out there.

  • darthmomma


    Hi! I was diagnosed in 2019 but have been talking about my issues for longer.

  • dolfin


    2014. But was told for years before that it was in my head

  • sassy29


    1996. Pretty sure I was born with hypothyroidism though

  • sassy29


    Sorry 1998

  • tia74


    i was diagnosed this year but my dr said i probably been dealing with hashimoto's longer then they knew

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