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a few days ago I went in to the gyno because I've been thinking I have cysts and endometriosis. I was told that they might want to do a vaginal ultrasound when i made the appointment, but told them I didn't think I'd be comfortable doing that. During the appointment I was told they were just going to look for a second, I didn't really want to let them, but they didn't give me an option and I figured it would be fine since they weren't even putting anything in other than their hands. once they finished, they brought me into another room and without any warning or explanation of what they were doing, gave me the ultrasound. Since they didn't tell me what I was doing, and it was my first ever time going to a gyno, I was immediately sent into the worst panic attack I've ever had, I was up until four in the morning sobbing and hyperventilating. Also since they didn't discuss anything with me, I didn't know they were using stuff I was allergic to and ended up having a terrible allergic reaction and yeast infection that meant for a whole day I was having to pee every 15-20 minutes because it hurt so bad. thankfully I researched some and found out what was happening. anyway, It's been days and I haven't even been able to get out of bed because I wasn't to die because of what they did. I feel violated and disgusting and I'm very overwhelmed and have no idea how to make myself feel better mentally. I'm not even sure why I'm so emotionally worked up over this, all I know is that was the worst thing I've ever experienced. has anyone else had a similar experience? any tips on how to stop feeling so bad?

    • TTime


      Honestly I would report them to the board they work for. They cannot do that bs to you!

      • Reya


        @TTime that's what I'm wanting to do, I just have no clue how

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