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Does anyone have any experience going off antidepressants after long-term use? I’ve been on nortriptyline, lamictal, and Cymbalta in the past about 8 years, and I’ve found the Cymbalta has completely emotionally numbed me. I can’t cry, I can’t feel joy, I can’t feel excited. I almost miss the mood swings because it’s better than this constant nothingness. I’m seeing a psychiatrist in May to adjust, but I just don’t know what to try. I can’t track symptoms really because the only intense emotion I feel anymore is rage. I feel like all of my best memories since I started it were wasted because I felt nothing. Any recommendations for medication that didn’t do this? I’m in regular therapy and it has helped a lot. Medical cannabis has also been legalized where I am, but I fear if I ask about it they’ll think I’m just drug seeking. It’s truly the only thing thus far that has helped and I’m able to function normally with it.

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      Cymbalta (duluxotine) is black labelled for withdrawal and has a complex weaning procedure to come off it. I was without mine for 3 days as I ran out and had awful brain zaps, near constant diarrhea, vomiting and muscle weakness. The best advice I've seen online is to go to a compounding pharmacist and get them to help you set up a weaning program. People have done it at home but it involves counting each individual grain inside the capsules... madness

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One user shared their experience with Zoloft, which caused emotional numbness and led them to stop taking it. They mentioned being a musician and not being able to do their job without feelings. However, finding an alternative medication has been challenging for them. It's important to consult with your psychiatrist about your concerns and explore different options tailored to your needs.

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