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My doctor recommended that I get a wheelchair to help with my flare ups but I’m kind of scared to go out in public with one and have people ask questions

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    • pink_sky


      Just remember it's your life and you need to do whatever will help you have the most amazing one. Only ever answer questions about your condition if you want to <3

    • pink_sky


      Just remember it's your life and you need to do whatever will help you have the most amazing one. Only ever answer questions about your condition if you want to <3

    • NewYork


      Don’t worry about other people. Walking aids make life so much easier

    • Mickey1210


      There will always be horrible people out their but this is your well-being don’t let them stop you from taking care of yourself

    • 55isMe


      You need to take care of you. If your doc is recommending enough to PRESCRIBE one, i think that lets you get one through insurance. Just because you have one, doesnt mean that you have to use it. When you need to do something and dont feel safe doing it without the wheelchair, then you have it I'd recommend also buying a rollator. They dont cost much and that way you have your seat when needed. Many are designed to be able to push behind a shopping cart. Also socially it is kind of an in between and many people knly need them temporarily.

    • Zach2021


      I completely understand your fear, and it is so so valid. My thought for you is: Who's gonna go every day dealing with the symptoms? Their opinion is temporary, your health and well-being are permanent and most important. Easier said than done, I know. I’ve had my fair share of social anxiety. But this is something for you, not anyone else. If they make it their business, that's not your problem. They'll get over it, but you won't because you'll be dealing with the flare. Best wishes to you🙏🏼💪🏼🩵

    • wheely_kismet


      My local council would not prescribe me a wheelchair until I was unable to walk at all. So if your Dr is recommending it I would see if WCS can prescribe one too , that is of you decide to go ahead and get one. That way it will be exactly your size

    • wheely_kismet


      I can't say either way. Usually drs don't recommend it , my drs didn't and I was fainting and injuring myself several times a day. If your Dr is recommending it then I would definitely consider the pros and cons. If it would increase quality of life then I go for it.

    • MamaZC


      It helps me to still go to the store or adventures with my son and family. Yes people stare, but its between that or missing out. Theres so much we have to deal with and I know its hard not to care what other people think. But I hope you can give yourself the gift of not caring and do whatever you can do to be in less pain and get more out of life ❤️

    • Bijoux_bean22


      I had to fight (quite literally) for my dr to be onboard with me needing a wheelchair. If a dr is suggesting it, it likely means it was time to get one six months ago, or it’s bad enough that they are worried for your safety. If other ppl aren’t okay with your disability, that’s not your problem. The only feelings you can be in charge of are your own and to an extent your plants/ pets. I wish you the very best of luck, lots of love

    • rosemxry


      There will always be stigma towards disabilities- don't let that affect your decisions about your life. You owe nobody an explanation. If your doc recommended it, it's probably worth consideration. Best of luck to you <3

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