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How do I relieve the tightness in my throat from gerd 😓

    • Healthproblems1111


      Are you taking any medicine for it? A GI doctor told me that If you have trouble swallowing when you are on any medicine for GERD that it could be because the medicine is no longer working. Also, try to stay away from foods you are allergic to, it could help a lot. I have EoE so I can’t have milk, soy or chicken so when I stay away from those things, I feel so much better. I hope everything works out for you.

    • Sheepdoge


      When I had gerd milk and/or honey or banana helped me but use it sparingly cus sometimes it aggravated it and made it worse. Some people say rice helps but it made me feel more sick. Also warming up some water sometimes relieved some pain, even a humidifer helps too. I know this sucks but I promise it can always get better. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!🤞 And also yess sitting up like someone else said helps a ton, more basic advice but spacing out meals at least 4 hrs and not laying down at least 2 hrs after eating (unless you feel really sick and can only tolerate small snacks. You know yourself best after all), and sleeping on the side or on back if elevated with pillows

    • zellarius


      soy milk helps me

      • Hannibal


        @zellarius I'm allergic to soy 😭

        • zellarius


          @Hannibal maybe you can try a different kind of milk? i only drink soy milk just bc its the only milk i like the taste of

    • Kingswife


      Try to eat something thats not a stimulating food, sit up for a while, and my favorite otc for reflux is the dissolvable Omeprazole tablets, not the pills. The dissolvable one work pretty quick, even if you have to take 2. Sometimes soda water helps too.

      • frausto86


        @Kingswife i agree. Ginger ale helps some. But staying away from triggering foods for a while will make a difference. Before I was diagnosed I had nausea and vomiting for weeks. It took about 3-4 weeks to feel comfortable after I changed my diet to stay away from trigger foods.

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One suggestion is to see an ENT doctor and consider following a strict diet, such as the Acid Watcher Diet by Jonathan Aviv, which focuses on avoiding acid-triggering foods like colas, coffee, alcohol, juices, citrus, fried foods, and chocolates. Additionally, you may need prescription PPI medication to help with healing, but it won't work if you continue to consume acidic foods and drinks.

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