new to this app, and I will say I'm really happy seeing that everyone here gets support in some way instead of criticism and judgement. (as if we don't already get that enough ) anyways I'm 30 years old and addicted to Meth. Not addicted to where I'll do whatever to have it, but it's kind of a habit for me to just get up and have some energy to complete tasks. I don't stay up days on out bingeing and I eat, sleep, take showers, if anything I'm obsessed over my hygiene. I guess I just feel guilty because I know it's frowned upon and it's something I have to hide from others. I mean there are such thing as functional addicts right? I was first introduced in 2018, and it's one drug that I didn't put down . I will admit I did tweak and stay up for days in the beginning, but that all subsides and you just start to become immune and now it's just a habit you don't want to stop because then depression,all your worries and trauma start to kick your butt and exhaustion occurs. idk where I was going with this but can anyone else relate?

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    Hi, first of all, I'll start by saying that I understand the need for something to be able to function. For me it was with weed, without it I couldn't fall asleep at night. I also told myself that it's not that I'm addicted but that I just need it to function, but today in retrospect after I'm no longer a user, I realize that it was some kind of lie I told myself to justify what I was doing. I'm sure you don't want to continue with this habit and therefore I would suggest you try and detox from it, not like the ones you see in the movies, but I'm sure there are places where you can quit in a pleasant and comfortable way. I learned myself the hard way after I had a severe anxiety attack after using the drug, and that's only when I decided to stop.

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