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Can you share your first symptom of POTS?

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    • Bue


      Blood pooling, shortness of breath, dizziness, and tachycardia. My first symptoms (that I noticed) were in the shower.

    • Bue


      Blood pooling, shortness of breath, dizziness, and tachycardia. My first symptoms (that I noticed) were in the shower.

    • ghastly


      loss of vision/black spots, weakness, dizzy

    • hime


      this ones tricky because i’m not sure when it developed, but i knew something needed to change when i lost all appetite and was lightheaded 24/7

    • smiley.rainbows


      Fainting was the first I remember when I was little but I was little so there were other signs I probably didn’t notice

    • MarinaV


      I’ve been blacking out since I was little. I remember getting dizzy a lot and more this year after my surgery. I decided to finally do something about it. did my TTT and almost died 🥺 just kidding but it felt like it

    • cryptic


      always being dizzy, heart diseases, blacking out whenever i would stand up (specifically in the shower/bath) and randomly walking into things. i always had a hard time exercising and everything has gotten worse since then.

    • YumYumRoll


      A pretty severe intolerance to standing after a hot bath.

    • Persephone9


      I had a super weird presentation. I never passed out, but I would get these “episodes” that lasted several days and included confusion/brain fog, muscle weakness, fatigue, catatonia, tachycardia, inability to concentrate, slurred speech, etc. it took several neurologists, 2 years, and a tilt table test to diagnose me. Turns out it was POTS!

    • Zedgirl


      I would get really dizzy, start sweating, shaking, and loosing my vision. This went on for about two years before finally being taken seriously and getting diagnosed.

    • Miffy


      I would get crazy dizzy, lose vision + the ability to hold myself up, and be unable to do anything but lie there for a few minutes until it went away

    • addilyn


      from what i remember, standing up from sitting on the couch or my bed or wherever, my vision would go black and i would get ringing ears. this started around 10 y/o

    • ADreamInside


      I have always had head rushes and fainting episodes when standing up, even as a child, but it began happening more and more frequently as I got into my later teens. My doctor decided to test me for POTS about 2 weeks ago.

    • Rapunzel101


      My first symptom was actually fainting. I had a very rapid onset and passed out one day and just never stopped doing it lol. Most people get lightheaded, dizzy, seeing spots, rushing sound in your ears, etc for a while before diagnosis

    • Emma37


      I had a lot of headaches and body aches like neck and back pain - as if I had a strong virus. Only when I fainted for the first time I went through a tilt table test and then I was finally diagnosed.

    • Isabella


      Recurrent fainting and persistent dizziness ... I underwent comprehensive medical examinations until I received the diagnosis.

    • Chanel


      I had shortness of breath, it was hard for me to walk more than a few steps.

    • Mila


      First I had a lot of headaches, after a while I also felt weakness and confusion -no matter how much I slept, drank water or what I ate. At that point I went to my doctor who diagnosed me with POTS

    • banana1997


      I was dizzy all the time and passing out a very young age and my blood pressure was low when I was standing up and my heart rate was extremely high for a young kid.

    • Lpanda


      My heart rate was elevated, 6 months later the agnia and dizziness started

    • Calli


      Dizziness and seeing black spots when standing up

    • EmmaB


      Dizziness and feeling like my heart is beating loudly and fast

    • Ellen


      I felt dizziness and saw black spots when standing up after lying down or sitting for a long time - particularly after getting out of bed in the morning.

    • Lorita


      I fainted 4-5 times a day for a few months until I got a proper diagnosis

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