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I feel like I’m not cut out for the working world So I’m currently in college and I promise that I’m a very hard worker- I have a 4.0 goa and do extracurriculars. I also have a part time job that I work on the weekends This part time job has been stressing me out so much. One I dropped a large bin of syrup on my foot and fractured it about a month ago. I got workers compensation but I was forced to go back to work after only 3 weeks of rest. I was only told I could go back if 2 accomodations were met- 1. That I could weight bear as tolerated (meaning I could sit down when I needed to) and 2. That I wouldn’t have to climb. neither of those accomodations were met. My first week back they scheduled me for a 10 hour shift and I had to climb on a step stool with my boot on- and I stood the entire shift I told my bosses that I needed accomodations and they said they would But then this Friday they scheduled me for another 10 hour shift- with only one other coworker who was totally new so I was training them while in my boot. It was a terrible shift- and I’m also sick. So I went to the urgent care to get care after feeling sick and I actually have pneumonia. So I called out of work for Saturday and Sunday as I’m very sick and my foots broken They asked me for a doctors note so I sent one in- They fired me. They told me that because of a “forged doctors note” WHICH IT WASNT- and two back to back callouts (I’ve been at this place for 8 months and this is my first time ever calling out- I’ve come in on 12 different occasions to work shifts that my other coworkers called out on) Now I’m incredibly anxious that I just wasn’t a good worker or something- even though I truly tried my hardest and worked through having pneumonia just to not inconvenience them by calling out The other major issue is because they fired me- I have lost my medical benefits for my foot. So I have to cancel all of my final orthopedic appointments as I would have to pay out of pocket I feel like cause I’m chronically I’ll and get sick a lot I’m never going to be able to hold a steady job no matter how much work I put in

    • BunnyTheRabbit


      Oh that sounds awful! Sounds like a bad work environment not that you did anything wrong. I wouldn't worry about not holding down a job or not being a good worker. That work place sounds awful. I cannot imagine being made to climb something with a broken foot!! The boot you have to wear is cumbersome and having you up a ladder is a danger. Look after yourself first and foremost. And try not to worry, you'll find new work and hopefully somewhere that cares more about you as a person and not just a number :)

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