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How do I find the right medication and not skip it ahhh

    • BergamotBoi


      i have a med management person who helps with it, so ill pass on the tried and true technique. when you go on a medication, after a week you should do a check in with yourself or a doctor if absolutely needed for the medication you are on (unless you begin having negative side effects; if you do, stop as soon as you can, going off gradually is the best way). when you do the check in, you should think about if it has helped any at all. if it hasn't helped at all, start going off the med and start a new one when you can. if it has been working but you dont think its working to its fullest potential, you should keep taking it to see how it goes for the next month. if you take this route, you should do another check in with your doctor or yourself if you dont have a doctor. if you feel it is continuing to not have any side effects and could help more, then you should consider increasing the dose there is always the possibility that a medication can work great at first but diminish over time (this often happens with me and my depression meds). If that is the case, do the same process with different medication until you find one that works a way to get results quicker would be to take a special genetic test that tells what medications react best with your gene set. you can then do the process above with a little more confidence and speed. sorry if this is too complicated, but i wanted to get as much information as possible down. i hope this helps!

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