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I received my official fibro diagnosis yesterday and I don’t know how to feel. I knew it was going to happen at some point but I just wasn’t sure when. My doctor suggested getting a cane to help me with walking and my mobility concerns. How did you get over the shame of using your cane in public? It I’m usually doing all this running around at work and my body is deteriorating. I can’t do it anymore. How have you asked for reasonable accommodations at your workplace? I’ve also been suggested to apply for FMLA since I work full time.. Thanks! 💕

    • BraeburnGirl


      I found a cane that I consider a fashion statement, and then my husband one-upped it by ordering a hand carved one from an artisan in Ukraine. Instead of it being an object of pity, it’s a conversation piece. As far as workplace accommodations, there are two ways to go about it, depending on your comfort level. There’s the medical route, which is to identify with your doctor the specific accommodations you require and bringing them to HR in writing. This is best, in my opinion, if you work for a large company or want to keep every i dotted and t crossed. If you have a good relationship with your boss, you can have a candid conversation with them about what you need. Remember though that you are not required (at least in the US) to tell them what your diagnosis is. That violates medical privacy. Personally, I’ve used a combination of both to great success. Good luck to you.

    • ghostcake


      A piece of advice I’d give myself if I could go back in time is don’t assume every source of pain/stiffness is fibro. I suffered from excruciating pain in my feet for years… turns out it’s plantar fasciitis. Also have some issues with my ulnar nerve (maybe also carpal tunnel) whatever it is, it’s not just fibro. Thankfully a radiologist pointed out in a random CT scan they saw degeneration in my lumbar spine, so if that becomes a bigger problem, I can’t just blame it on fibro. So always be cautious about assuming a source of pain is fibro. And sorry I can’t give advice on your questions. My younger self didn’t even know I could ask for accommodations back in the day 😭 good luck to you

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Many people with fibromyalgia have shared their experiences of using a cane for mobility and overcoming the initial shame or embarrassment. They emphasize focusing on your own well-being and comfort, rather than worrying about what others may think. As for requesting reasonable accommodations at work, it's important to have an open conversation with your employer about your needs and limitations due to your condition. Applying for FMLA can also provide additional support and protection for your job while managing your health.

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