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I’ve been feeling really awful lately and I’m not sure why. I’m dizzy and woozy and my stomach hurts. I haven’t eaten enough lately but this still feel different. I feel like I have very little energy and I just feel weak and overall bad! I feel as if I have JUST gotten over the flu and these are the last of the symptoms (minus the stuffy nose 😂) but I haven’t been sick! I’ve actually finally had a break for the first time in weeks! But instead of feeling better each day I’m just feeling worse. I wanted to clean my room today after getting to do nothing for a few days and I just couldn’t keep moving or getting up and down!! It is really hot where I am but I haven’t been outside and my room is actually cold enough to warrant a light hoodie! I’m confused and a little stressed about it. I’m usually a “go go push through” type of person but this is making me sit down and give up I feel so poorly. I’m not really looking for advice?? But I’m open to it! I’m just using this platform to vent about how confused and horrible I feel right now. Not even bad enough to be SUPER unwell, but horrible enough it’s stopping me from being as productive as I want to be. I hate feeling this way cuz I just want to lie down but I’ve done so much lying down lately and I need to DO things now. Bleh idk I’m so tired of this 🥲👍✨

    • hazyeclipse


      Going through something similar, although in my case it's gotten really bad over the past couple years and I'm pretty much wiped out. I can't function normally anymore, can't work, couldn't go back to school. It's frustrating because I *want* to do more but I'm so uncomfortable to the extreme and my body is screaming at me, so I end up being able to do very little. Much of the time I might only get an hour of "up time". I guess I'm just learning to not beat myself up for it anymore, because it's not my fault. it's like having the flu, like you said - if you have a bad case of the flu, you can make an attempt to do business as normal, but.. it's probably not gonna work well and the intensity of your symptoms will overpower your willpower, you'll just run out of steam relatively quickly. So I just do what I can and try my best, and that's enough because what more can I realistically do, aside from keep trying to get to the bottom of what's going on?

    • mysterygirl


      Could b anything. I have had it for 20 yrs, including flu like body aches. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia but my pain is different. High stress for a prolonged period can wreak havoc on your system. Hope you can find a caring doctor to find the cause(s) They haven't been able to do anything for me but treat my symptoms. Wish you luck & patience

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