I was just bumped from 50 to 100mg to of Zoloft about a week ago. I also just was prescribed Seroquel as needed for sleep, and I always take Vistaril for anxiety. Last night I took my Zoloft and Vistaril. This morning I woke up in a terrible fog. As I was sitting down, I got extremely dizzy, all the color runs out of my face, I can't feel my hands, I'm dissociated, my heart is racing, and I literally feel like I can't breath. no matter how hard I try... I feel like my lungs aren't inflating fast enough with air. I'm super dehydrated. I'm shaky and dizzy. I just feel like I'm going to die. I've been feeling shaky since the med changes. I don't know what to do. I almost called the ambulance before my husband calmed me down.


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  • Slater


    I’m glad that your husband was able to help with your anxieties about this🫶🏻 but at the same time, it’s SO much better to be safe than sorry. That’s a pretty extreme reaction, feeling like you’re dying and can’t breathe isn’t normal, please at least talk to your psychiatrist about these symptoms. I wish you the best, you’ve got this.

    • geminibunny


      sorry meant to reply thanks 🫶

  • Deanka


    When I went from 100 mg to 150 mg of Zoloft I got the shakes. I don’t have them on the 100 mg.

  • Jo__00


    Definitely something to do with Zoloft, me and a lot of others I've learned go crazy after getting it bumped up especially doubling it. Same thing happened to me when they doubled my Zoloft from 50 to 100

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