sometimes i just feel like i’m never important. somedays i just sit awake, doing nothing, just waiting for a sign; a strip of information that could possibly tell me what’s next. my friends completely ignore me during the summer and yet during the school year we all talk like there’s absolutely nothing else to do. i get treated so terrible, especially on days where my thoughts are scattered. i don’t feel the need to include myself with people anymore because i just don’t get anything out of it except the occasional insult, anxiety, or insecurity. it all feels so fake, but it’s all i have. i’m just so tired of being treated like i’m nothing.


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  • Sweetheartt


    I'm sorry for this all. I promise you, you are very, very important. I know that may mean nothing from a stranger, and that's okay. My name is Finn, we are no longer strangers! You are important, I am almost always available to talk if you need it. (Sorry if none of this is helpful)

  • TannTann


    ❤️I know how you feel

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