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Been feeling frustrated and restricted lately by my health conditions... Many of my friends are going off to universities and colleges, while I am stuck with approximately one million doctor and physical therapy appointments each week. I had hoped at this time last year that I would be healthy enough to attend the university I had planned to attend, but I'm not, and my doctors do not think I'll be healthy enough a year from now even to attend. I've barely been able to leave the house due to the chronic pain and instability in various joints. I am known for being super positive and optimistic and I usually am, but lately my inability to actually do anything has me feeling isolated and frustrated at my body. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on ways to cope with being chronically ill or activities/hobbies to pick up that I can do from home? many thanks 🐢

    • Ornith


      I think that working in gentle movement and joint strengthening was a big step in getting myself to a state where I could attend classes again. A good one to start with could be laying on your back and moving your knee from an upright, folded position to flat on the bed. As for activities and hobbies, you could take up knitting, crocheting, or some other sort of craft that you can do sitting down. I like making potholders on a potholder loom. If you're looking for social interaction, maybe you could try a discord that revolves around one of your disabilities? Disboard is a good place to find one to join. Talking to other people who are going through what you are could help you to feel less isolated.

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