Do you ever feel really alone in your autism? I have so many autistic friends online, but I only know two in-person, and one of them is sort of like trumed but with autism. The other one was a co-worker who recently left here. Most of us here are some type of ND (I think there’s only who isn’t, and they’re a recent hire whom I… struggle to be around much), but I’m the only autistic one now, and I never get to have in-person conversations with people about it. Which is fine—usually. But sometimes it’s very lonely. 😔

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • alyssa25


    The only other autistic person I know in person is my boyfriend. Other then that I talk to no one in person it is lonely and makes you feel like no one will understand you

  • Wonderly


    All the time. I’m the only person at my job with Autism and I feel like it isolates me from my coworkers :/

  • EliteLexy


    It has been the lonliest place I have experienced so far aside from one other experience in my life.

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