I'm living in a motel with my son. I feel like I failed as a father by having my son homeless. it hurts my heart.


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  • MaryC


    I understand how you feel, but you are not a failure. Think about what you are providing. You are keeping your son safe & that is a huge win.

  • carter._.16


    I'm so sorry you're going through that. But guess what? You're taking care of your son and giving him all that you can. And I'm proud of you for trying to do all that you can to keep both you and your son safe 💙 Just know that things will get better <33

    • Dragondad


      ty it means allot

  • mugs


    Dude, I have been where you are now. Back in 2012 spent Christmas homeless with my two sons. You might be struggling right now, but just be there for your son. I know it's a struggle and you are looking at what you are doing wrong, but look at what you are doing right, you are showing your son how to be a DAD in the tough times. You would be a failure as a DAD if you left him during the tough times. You are showing your son how a DAD adapts and overcomes when things don't go according to plan.

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