I was recently diagnosed with facial hyperhidrosis and it's so bad that I'll be sweating just sitting on my couch.
Has anyone had any luck with medications or anything that actually helps? If so, what are you using?

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  • DragonflyHKD


    I'm really sorry, hyperhidrosis really sucks. I have it just about all over my body, including my face. Currently using Neat 3B Face Saver gel that I found on Amazon for my face. Sometimes I still sweat through it some but not as much as I would without it. It can also work as a primer under makeup if you do makeup. I hate when I'm sweating so badly that I basically have to keep dabbing my face with these Dryki sweat handkerchiefs as I go. I kind of want to try the Carpe brand even though it's way more expensive to see which would work better for me. I was prescribed Qbrexza wipes for my body but since that stuff dilates eyes if you get it in your eyes (I know from experience), I don't think it's safe to use on the face. A dermatologist can also prescribe a pill but I'm forgetting the name of it. I used to have Botox injected on pits and scalp as well but the drive was too far with too much traffic for me so I stopped but that did work well. Wishing you luck, feel free to DM if you'd like.

    • kelzbellz


      thank you, I appreciate it

      • DragonflyHKD


        You're very welcome! I also recommend getting a handheld fan or neck fan? Both of mine help a lot out in public or just around the house. My neck fan kind of looks like I have a pair of headphones around my neck. And my handheld fan looks like a cute little bear when it's folded up. If people ask, I just say I get hot easily or I'm having hot flashes? Even though it's nobody's business. XD Take care!

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