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I'm not really sure how this works or what I'm doing here. What has your experience been like.

    • sonnyboa


      I had an uncomfortable sensation of pressure and palpitation in my chest. It came out of the blue in the middle of the day. Being diabetic I experience a palpitation frequently when my blood sugar is low. At this point, I have started to wear a CGM. I was aware that it was not a low glucose and started to question overall whether or not I was having a heart attack. I evaluated the the acronyms for a stroke and a heart attack. I was not slurring nor was I experiencing weakness on one side of my body. I spoke with my cardiologist who advised me to go ahead and call 911. In the ambulance we had to pull over because the EKG and heart rate was everywhere and the driver of the ambulance suspected that it was a rough road causing the equipment to produce a false reading or malfunction. Upon pulling over and being absolutely still, it was revealed that my heart rate and EKG was indeed all over the place from 72 to 190 within seconds or less.

    • Mommabear74


      My issues started a couple years ago when I was under great stress and anxiety, it began very mild at first so for most of the time up until a few months ago it was not bothering me much, then after another great stress trigger it came on stronger than ever now I’m worried I’ve told my Dr they did a ECG but it was like literally one heartbeat rhythm cycle like 10seconds and I was like that’s not long enough to see anything cause it’s not always doing it’s flutter or whatever so they referee me to Cardiologist which since I have Medi-cal you get the lowest quality or care, the tried to place a 48hr holter monitor on my but the sticky pads just slid of if my chest because I’ve also got a condition called Hyperhiradosis excessive sweating so it didn’t work, now I’m still waiting for a new referral for a 7 day one that supposedly stays in place but meanwhile my grandmother is about to pass away and it’s a big stressor for me so my heart literally feels like it’s going haywire and takes my breath away at times causes pain in my neck and I feel like I’m about to have a heart-attack but from what the general physician says IM FINE!!

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