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Hello! I wanted to see if anyone has had similar experiences to me. thank you in advance for the read! Since October of 2021 I've been experiencing this brain fog that makes it really hard to focus on anything. My vision has become blurry as well, making it hard to focus visually on anything either. I got a new glasses prescription and the eye doctor said my vision actually got better! My new glasses don't help the blurry vision, so I think it may be something else. Ever since these things started happening other symptoms have arrived. I tend to get headaches more, mostly triggered by bright lights or a light that flickers the wrong way for my eyes. When I don't get enough sleep the brain fog worsens and I get dissociative. It makes me feel super disconnected from myself and everything around me. I've been diagnosed with ADHD from therapist online. It was a pretty lengthy process but idk I think I would feel better going to someone in person. My plan is to start going to therapy and taking going to the doctors more seriously but I wanted to see if anyone has felt this before as well. Thank you!

    • BoneDustWoman


      Quick question: have you had COVID?

    • stormysundays


      i have a similar experience but it happens right before i experience hallucinations lol. there are several different reasons why you could have this happen though, it could be related to anxiety. also, when i am manic i experience blurred vision and i was previously misdiagnosed with adhd so perhaps it has something to do with high energy as well (assuming you have hyperactive adhd)?

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Based on the shared experiences, some individuals have reported similar symptoms of brain fog and blurry vision. One person mentioned that when they are overwhelmed or overstimulated, their vision can go blurry and it can be hard to focus. Another individual suggested that these symptoms could be a sign of eye strain. Some people also experience brain fog when they are extremely tired or dealing with extreme fatigue and pain. It's recommended to seek professional medical advice for these symptoms.

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