this is a rough day, I don't want to get out of bed, but I've made myself get up to do a few things, but I'm now laying in bed again, I don't really see the meaning of life anymore, No I'm not thinking about ending my life, I just don't think I have a purpose anymore

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  • Sandraa


    Stay positive

  • Oouchthathurts


    I often feel the same way you are feeling right now and I’m sorry this has taken such a toll on you. I personally find it especially hard right now with everything going on in the world on top of having to live with so many illnesses and my disabilities day to day but you will find a purpose, keep searching for it. sometimes it just takes awhile to arrive.

  • KMK


    I have felt the same way . A lot of days I am walking around in a cloud. Confused. Angry. Upset and crying a lot. Asking myself why is my life so messed up, but haven't gotten an answer to that question yet and I'm 56 yrs old. Just hang in there. Keep a journal of your feelings and thoughts. I found it to help me .

  • Towman70


    I also feel aggravated and agitated all the time for know reason, it gets old and I feel tired always. But I get up and do me every day and I realize before I know it I have made it through another day. So don’t ever give up. I’m 51 and run a tow truck 24 hrs 4 days a week. So I know life is hard.

  • Cindylou


    Try not to look for a big world changing purpose. That’s overwhelming and most of us have a much smaller purpose. Maybe you’re the lady who smiles at the bus driver or puts her neighbors trash can away. It can be as simple as that. I know some days are hard. On those days, be gentle with yourself. Do you have a church family? Let them know that there are days like this and confess to them (probably one person) that they should check on you on those bad days. Hugs!

  • almostdone



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