how do I get myself to get the motivation to clean my room?

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  • randochikn


    I have a hard time with this as well, for me it has to do with my executive functions not being normal and my issues with fatigue. Today I just sat on the floor and did one tiny section of cleaning while I watched a movie. It come in random spikes of motivation for me—but it doesnt usually last long. Maybe just try to pick up a few things and see how you feel—if nothing changes, then maybe try that for a few days

  • Heatherbee


    SAM-e helped with executive functioning for me (motivation/overwhelm)

  • MakMcK


    Small goals! 👏👏 It sounds stupid but I use this all the time. Break up what needs to be done in very small goals. Such as making the bed, or picking up your laundry. Tiny things even. I also put on TV while I do this so when I have finished a task, I take a 2-3 min break just to watch. It takes me a while but I get it all done without getting too overwhelmed

  • http.sunflower


    What helps me is to start by putting 20 items away per day. This way, I don’t get overwhelmed but I can also see the progress of my room being cleaner so I feel accomplished. You can adjust your goal to 10,15,30 items a day to fit your needs, but 20 items typically works for me.

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