Hi everyone! I have had suspected autism for many years and in 2020 I got evaluated and the results came back as definitely autistic. Does anyone else mourn what their life could've been like if things were caught sooner? I'm 25 and only now feel like I have my life together... While that feels nice and everything, I wish my autism could've been caught sooner and I wish I could know what I would've been like had I had the support I needed.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Alatna


    hii. i got diagnosed in 2020 as well, although i was 15 so not exactly the same haha. i honestly think about this all the time. my brother who is also autistic got diagnosed at 2 and subsequently received the right conditions. i however was left to my own devices. so many things i know in my life could’ve gone better had i been diagnosed as a child. my brother flourished and grew, he got therapy from a young age and learned how to manage the results of being autistic. he was taught and guided, as well were the people around him. i however, suffered immense mental problems and ultimately crashed when i hit 12-13. if it took till i got to my 20’s for a diagnosis i don’t know if i would’ve made it.

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