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does it get easier? I've been forcefeeding myself when I have zero appetite and it hurts to eat. does switching back to eating get easier over time?

    • Batsi


      It absolutely will! With proper nutrition and consistency, our bodies adapt to the proper amount of nutrition we need. The time frame always depends on the person alone, for our bodies react differently depending on how long we’ve dealt with an Eating Disorder, Meal plans, Our Genetics, Consistency, etc. Overtime our stomachs lose muscle tissue and therefore take longer to process food, which leads to discomfort. Think of it as a new muscle group you have to work on! I did want to add, that seeking medical attention, at least towards the beginning of your recovery journey, is extremely necessary if you happen to be at risk of developing Re feeding syndrome, which can be very scary and life threatening if severely malnourished. Our bodies and internal organs ( yes even your heart) become weak after depriving it from food for a very long period of time, so I please do consider how a few doctor visits will never hurt but simply ensure that your heart pumping normally🖤 Recovery is tough, especially alone, so remember to surround yourself with positive people, have fun making new foods, and give yourself time to do something that you truly enjoy during your down time as well! Don’t give up! The first few days will always be the most challenging and uncomfortable but I promise it gets much easier overtime, that is, as long as you stay consistent. I wish you the best of luck on your journey 🖤

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