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I was recently in the hospital with DKA, it came on fast and hard. I was okay one day and the next I didn't know who I was or where I was. The doctors believe it was brought on by an infection which they couldn't find but knew I had because white blood cell count was extremely elevated and my A1C 6.8. Anyway, when I was in the hospital for 4 days they continuously gave me IV potassium because my levels were so level. So low in fact that they almost wouldn't let me leave, but only did because I have an appointment with my diabetes doctor Wednesday. The doctors and nurses all said it was so weird how my potassium was so low, but my potassium is always low when I go into DKA. My question for other diabetics out there, do your potassium levels ever drop when you go into DKA or am I just crazy? Also should I look into starting a potassium supplement?

    • Aegir


      They always give me four Iv bags when I go in for DKA, a cannula each elbow and hand. Insulin Glucose Saline Potassium If I'm not in DKA my Potassium is fine, but possibly asking on your next blood test to get a baseline level could help, then based on your result, you could talk to your doctor about supplements

      • Ariel90


        @Aegir when I went in for my Primary Care appointment my levels were still low so he suggested taking supplements for a little bit and going back for a recheck. I'm hoping it was just DKA I really don't know if I have ever had low potassium other than when I am in DKA.

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