just wanted to share something i discovered about myself.
i was unhappy in my relationship seemingly because of all the ‘faults’ i found in him. but then i had an epiphany. most of the things i complained about i also did.
when you hate yourself/who you are it’s very difficult to love others, especially the ones that remind you of you.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Asteroidrose


    yeah... that's very true. but you need to validate what you feel. you need to try to get better for yourself and be healthy so you can get a healthy partner. because a lot of times you can also see little pieces of yourself and your partner. the beautiful imperfect pieces. and that's a beautiful thing.

  • strong.rose


    Sounds like youve had the same realization i did....usually what bothers us the most about another person (especially in romantic relationships for me) is what we subconsciously dislike about ourselves. Its extremely ironic and funny to me and its important to laugh at myself. It helps me remember we are all humans just trying to figure it out

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