Hey guys how do I navigate my partner expressing unhappiness because of my disability and how it affects their life. I’m at a place where I’m barley even able to eat or meet my basic needs and hearing that my disabilities and health issues are hard for them and that I don’t give them enough physical affection or attention is really hurtful. I’m in constant pain and suffering and I’m barley getting by each day. I feel like a burden. I love this person but they just don’t understand that I’m doing the best I can. I feel like half of a person and I feel like I won’t be able to be loved unless I’m healthy, which won’t ever happen :(


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  • 100Percent_K


    Honestly I would just lay it all out there kind of like you did for us. Explain where you are at and how it effects you. You deserve to be loved no matter what

    • Janelle21


      I’ve definitely had a few convos about this with my partner and a lot of the issue is stemming from them relying on me to make them happy when they need to work on self love. It’s coming from a lack of maturity on their part as well. We are trying to move in a better direction 💕 thank you

  • MissMarvel


    I understand how powerful the pull of love & history with another person is, I'm glad you have that❤️ I also have mental baggage to try and navigate life with . . While carrying my own physical, painful baggage everyday on top of it. - I feel you, IM FREAKING TIRED lol But what you're asking doesn't seem unreasonable - and neither is what they seem to be asking. It's okay that you're not always in a physical place to give what they want (some sort of physical contact or undivided attention) But they clearly aren't in a mental/emotional place to understand what you need (understanding & room for grace) Lay it all out like the person before me said I hope they start to see that you carry more pieces in the big picture than the average person does and allow you some grace We are not burdens❤️

    • Janelle21


      thank you I really appreciate your kind words and advice 😥 💕

  • Rosepool


    There are good days and bad days . And you can’t control what’s happening to you, you can only try to manage it. And if they cannot be there to support you and your health then maybe kick them to the curb. I know you love them but do they really love you ? Love comes with respect and understanding .

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