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How can I deal with a traumatic brain injury? It has caused a lot depression, anxiety, memory loss, and paranoia( having suspicions of loved ones). It has ruined my relationship and drove people away. 75% of my brain has atrophy. Does anyone else have this?

    • Bantam


      Hi, I've had a TBI for 21 years. It changed almost everything in my life, and yes - depression, anxiety, amnesia, brain fog. I don't have atrophy however, but I have a suggestion. Have you tried a support group? They've been life changing for me in the most positive way. There are even some great online ones if you're like me and can't drive. Good luck, stay strong!

    • nsiberian


      Hey! I do not atrophy, but I do have a brain Injury. It completely changed my life, my view of life, how I deal with other humans, not very well...been single 13 yrs and will probky will never be in another relationship... message me if ya wanna chat about anything! It's a crazy journey and everyone's is different but it's good to know there are others we can bounce ideas off of!

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One user mentioned that they have been post-traumatic brain injury for 35 years and suggested not giving up and seeking help from a good allergy doctor if experiencing headaches often. Another user advised eating regular meals at regular times and getting enough sleep to help with memory issues and agitation. It's important to consult with medical professionals and consider therapy to address the challenges associated with traumatic brain injuries.

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