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So I'm trans (MTF) and I deal with a lot of dysphoria, do you guys have any advice on how to deal with this?

    • mobilityaidbabe


      I agree, plus experimentation. I have been trying as many new things as I can to find little ways I can be more myself (agender, fluid expression). For example, I thought I hated binding because I was still so barrel cheated and uncomfortable, but then I tried a full length binder that distributed pressure more evenly and now I bind or use trans tape often. I also tried masculine contouring, different haircuts and styles, birth controls, and dying my peach fuzz dark. Some worked some didn't, but it was something in my control to care for my comfort. Loving myself became easier once I started experimenting whether the new method worked or didn't. You got this 💕 Go Forth, Be Gay

    • JessJesse


      I’m trans FTM, but the way I deal with my dysphoria is to remember that one day I can get gendered health care, and that feeling uncomfortable is okay and normal for a trans person. I also try to do something that might help, like some self care making sure I’ll be ready for gender affirming care when I’m able to get it

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Some suggestions for dealing with dysphoria include trying on more feminine clothes, engaging in activities that make you feel more connected to your desired gender, surrounding yourself with supportive people who respect your pronouns and identity, and consuming media featuring characters or individuals who share similar experiences. Additionally, self-care activities like exercise, eating well, and engaging in hobbies can help alleviate some of the stress associated with dysphoria.

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