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Hello! I am new here, so I am learning how this works. I take methotrexate for my rheumatoid arthritis and it has been causing severe hair loss. My rheumatologist has me taking folic acid to help this, but it's done nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to slow this down some? I am trying to remember that it is just hair, but it is devastating, as I have lost half the volume of my hair. Any advice/tips are welcome! Thank you💜

    • JoJo88


      I having hair loss as one my symptoms my dr put me on hydroxychloroquine she said that over few months can help with muscle joint pain from my type lupus I got and also help with hair loss

    • Samalander


      Hi! I also take methotrexate and avsola for my psoriatic arthritis, and am experiencing hair loss. My docs said I could take oral or topical mindoxil, the oral having the effect of more general body hair which I would enjoy. I think I’ll take the oral mindoxil route and update in a few months

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Some users have reported that increasing their folic acid intake helped with hair loss caused by methotrexate. However, others have mentioned using products like women's rogaine serum and foam, Vegamour GRO serum, The Ordinary serum for hair density, The Nue Co. Supa_Thick serum, and special shampoo/conditioner for hair growth. Additionally, a hair brush designed for thin hair can help prevent further hair loss while detangling. It's also suggested to consult with your doctor about these concerns.

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