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i feel like up until a few years ago my EDS was something i could ignore pretty easily, but now it's very restrictive and painful. is that a thing? can EDS be progressive somehow? and if so what do i need to do to slow the process down because this is a pretty important time in my career and i really can't afford to mess it up more than i already am...

    • BookGeekOnline


      My EDS worsened with time, and I watched the same thing happen to my grandma too. Physiotherapy and exercise to help strengthen muscles and joints slows down the decay, and can even improve it slightly.

    • BendNotBreak


      I've found the symptoms of my EDS have worsened with time, along with the comorbidities. My dislocations are more frequent, I've developed arthritis in multiple places (neck, ankle, wrists, possibly hips), my generalised chronic pain is constant and more severe, and my fatigue is so ridiculous that I'm unable to work as I need 11+ hrs of sleep a day. I'm turning 25 next month, so I'm still young, too. I had to quit my dream job due to my fatigue and pain. There's unfortunately not much I can recommend to slow it down, just the usual things of trying to prevent dislocations, encourage healing, getting decent quality rest, a good support system, and a medical team you trust. I hope that you find relief and help with your symptoms 💜

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"EDS is a progressive disease and the speed of progression can vary from person to person. It's recommended to visit your doctor regularly as it can help estimate the progression. It's also suggested to listen to your body when it tells you it’s time to rest, as hyperextending and pushing yourself to your limits can worsen the condition."

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