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Hello! I'm K (she/they), the new host of our system and I'm struggling with a persecutor I brought with me, G (he/him) (the dad from my pseudomemories). Does anyone have any tips you don't usually hear about helping to heal particularly persistent persecutors? Or how to break free from the emotional manipulation he has over me? It would really help me deal with the stresses of Host Life! Thank you!

    • circling.swallow


      As a persistent persecutor myself, I have to say that the thing that helped me the most is when the entire system was involved with my recovery. Being a persecutor is really lonely, and although a lot of us hate to admit it, that's really scary. It's a lot harder to exert power when everyone is forgiving and nice to you, too, no matter how nasty and violent you are. Another piece of advice I have may be a bit more common, but it's to understand why your persecutor is acting the way he is. If and only if it is safe to do so, ask yourself what in your life has encouraged or is encouraging his behaviour. For example: My persecution is almost solely driven because of abandonment trauma. By identifying the reason why, you can work on treating the root cause instead of just the effects. As for breaking free of the emotional manipulation, I can't offer much advice for that because I don't know anything about your situation. I hope the other stuff helped, though.

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