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How do you deal with knowing something isn't true, but feeling like you need to do a certain action associated with it anyway? For example, thinking "I need to do (action) in order to fall asleep. If I don't do (action) then I won't sleep and something bad will happen" when past experiences have proven to me that I can fall asleep even without doing that action. My brain will come up with weird explanations for why I was able to sleep last time without doing (action) like "I was in a different room that time." And lately I have been struggling a lot because I've been the last person to fall asleep in the house, I keep planning on falling asleep earlier but something always gets in the way (like this time, my family member wanted to go to the store at the same time I had set my sleep alarm to start winding down for bed). My thoughts have just been a huge struggle for me lately and I feel extremely alone which is why I was hoping the Alike community might be able to offer some coping advice. Thanks.

    • Viynnyie


      For me personaly, I just have to keep reminding myself that it's going to be okay, and it helps especially If I've already skipped something and still gotten the result I've aimed for. Change can be very difficult but you need to remeber that everything is going to be okay. I also do this all through life, especially if it's a change that's out of my controll or is too easy for me to reverse. Soon the absence of that action will slowly move out of your routine and you get used to the new one. I hope I understood your question properly and that this helps! ♡

      • Yumeno


        @Viynnyie Thank you so much, you understood perfectly and I really appreciate your kind response. ❤️ Change is one of the things that triggers these types of thoughts in me but I do need to keep reminding myself it'll be okay. Thanks again!

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The person in the context is struggling with anxiety rituals, such as checking their pulse and temperature before sleeping. They are aware that these actions are not necessary for sleep, but they struggle to stop due to intrusive thoughts. They have tried telling themselves that stopping these actions won't cause anything, but the thoughts get worse when they do. This leads to them staying awake till late at night.

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