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Does anyone else have/have had and issue with intrusive paranoid thoughts hitting you like a truck out of nowhere? I'ts currently 2am as of typing this and I can't sleep because I just got an overwhelming fear that something bad is going to happen while I'm asleep, or that I might not even wake up at all. I've had no paranoia prior to this and my routines were completed so I don't know why I'm having such paranoia. I know that its very unlikely but my brain won't stop thinking and filling me with fear. Would it be possible if anyone had any tips or ways to help manage spontaneous paranoia? It would be much appreciated

    • sassy_hacker


      Yes man, this happens to me all the time, I just ignore the task at hand and go so something that comforts me, like eat cookies, watch tv, lay comfortably in bed without sleeping, etc.

      • Irelan


        @sassy_hacker me too. Sometimes I have to completely get rid of whatever it is that's giving me anxiety, or even change the setting of where I'm at.

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Some people manage their paranoia by trying to calm themselves down and rationalize their fears. For example, if they fear someone breaking into their house, they remind themselves that all doors and windows are locked and there's no sign of a break-in. Having a pet like a dog can also provide reassurance. If the paranoia is still overwhelming, some people keep a tool or weapon by their bedside for added security. Others find distraction techniques helpful, such as having some form of light on, listening to music, or watching a YouTube video until they fall asleep. Mindfulness exercises and positive thinking can also be beneficial.

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