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i struggle with large outburts of hypersexuality and i used to think nothing of it until i got into my relationship a few months ago. ive brought up sexual topics with my s/o a few times and ive even mentioned i struggle with hypersexuality and she said there was nothing wrong with it. obviously i feel bad about it anyways and felt even worse when we’ve had to put a literal PROHIBITION of sex. she is demisexual but claims that she does feel a very close bond with me and that sex is okay she is just nervous and not confident. me, hypersexual and wanting my girlfriend, is unable to because she is not confident in talking or acting on it. this has arisen a lot of tension and restrictions for me, i feel disgusted with myself because of how sexual i want to be with her and ive communicated it to her and she has nothing to say to me. im so disgusted because its not hat i think of most of time. i try to hold back on even bringing it up to her but somehow it still slips when shes trying to NOT think about it. am i selfish for this? am i gross?

    • Fubukar


      You are not selfish, you are not gross. You need to be able to communicate your frustration to her in a way she'll understand, because it might be hard for her. Try and find a time where you can sit down with her and have a serious discussion about the issue specifically so she can't dodge it. Try to make it clear to her that simply abstaining isn't going to make your tension go away, and see how you can work sex into the relationship in a way where she is comfortable about it. If she doesn't immediately respond, try not to back down, because pushing the problems farther will just make it harder down the line.

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