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today my hyperhidrosis flared up like it used to when i was at my hormonal peak in 7th grade. i am now almost 18 and i’ve had it decently under control for months but today for no reason it got absolutely terrible while at school. and i mean terrible to the point where my hands and feet were swelling so much and it would hurt to walk or hold/touch anything with my fingers. im not sure why but i stat to swell up a lot if i’ve been constantly sweating for too long. it hurt so bad and i got unbelievably frustrated especially because the swelling from my excessively sweaty hands lasted during an important test. (was so gross because i got the paper all soggy too.) not only that, i constantly had to take repetitive trips to the bathroom because i knew i was starting to smell, and the thought of that made me sweat more since being self conscious and anxious worsens it by a billion times. it ruined my entire day and my sweating is still really bad even right now and i’m just so sick of this embarrassing condition i tried so many things recommended to me that i was able to afford but it never works and i just want it to go away. i cant afford much which sucks especially as a girl i can’t help but feel twice as disgusting when it happens and i don’t know why it’s getting bad again but im desperate right now for any kind of advice.

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      Mood. Respond I need a friend 😂

    • Skc


      omg i’m so sorry!! 😥 i’ve struggled with hyperhidrosis my whole life too. had really bad flare ups around your age as well. ik you mentioned not having a lot of money but i would recommend saving up for dermadry. they have instagram & youtube. it’s a machine that you use that sends electric shocks to your hands, feet or underarms which helps prevent sweating. it takes time to see results but has been helping with mine.

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