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I've gone 2 days having bad nausea and my IBS has felt worse. I've had dizziness for one day, and tonight I am having difficulty with urination. I also have a fear of going to the hospital if I might not need it (my mother has Munchausen by Proxy, but we could only be sick if she wasn't sick) so I'm fighting with my self on rather I should go to urgent care tomorrow because the dizziness is so persistent. I'm also having too much anxiety to sleep because I'm worried something will happen to me and I won't make it to the hospital because I live on my own. I write all of this just to see if anyone could give me advice on dealing with this anxiety, and if you have worked in Healthcare if you can just tell me what they look for and how hospitals work, because I never know if I need to go or not. Of course you can't diagnose me, but I was just thinking something to make me feel better about what doctors do and deal with so I don't feel bad if I go, and again, the anxiety.

    • cclikeshealth


      It sounds like it’s worth a trip to the doctor! As someone with chronic urination pain and bowel pain, I feel like you know yourself best in regards to what’s out of the ordinary and this sounds like might be. This is all easier said than done, bring a comfort object or two with you. And a friend if you can! ❤️ sometimes when I go and I am nervous I bring a notebook to just pour thoughts and notes into. I hope this helps and you can get some care soon!!

      • Bluefire


        @cclikeshealth thank you so much

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