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So. Dealing with guilt in terms of borderline and autism. How do y’all do it? Also looking for advice about a pretty serious pickle I’m in. Here’s the situation: So currently I’m living at my mom’s house. Have been since April when my wife kicked me out. Well my mom just now approached me, telling me that me living here is no longer sustainable. Mind you I’ve had a rough few months, broken foot, impatient mental hospital, now IOP, etc., so i haven’t worked in a bit. She told me i MUST start working again by the end of the month (when IOP is supposed to be done for me) and pay her at least $1000 a month (a little over 2/3 what i make) HOWEVER my therapists are threatening to push me back a level to PHP bc of my symptoms which would cause me not to be able to work for another 6-8 weeks and refusing could yield even more consequences (see one of my previous posts) and i feel HELLA guilt tripped by my mom for making her (somehow) spend about 2k a month on me? Somehow? But I’m also at a loss for a course of action, how to handle the situation, etc. Any advice for either issue would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

    • KatieGB


      What's IOP? What's PHP? You could try inviting her to an appointment with doctor or whoever to give a full explanation as to why going back to work can't happen. In the meantime you could try come up with a back up plan, apply for council housing and benefits like income support or disability?

      • real_


        @KatieGB those stand for intensive outpatient program and partial hospitalization program, 2 things where you get group therapy for hours a day. IOP is usually only like twice a week but php is every day or every weekday. I agree with that advice

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