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How have you successfully dealt with your FP leaving you? How do you move on?

    • Kaiiyla


      I’ve had a fp honestly ever since the age of 4, due to early extreme trauma, so I’ve most definitely had to deal with it continuously throughout that time but elementary school was so chaotic when it came to that. I remember my fp in 4th grade telling me she was moving, and I cried every single night from panic and it felt like my world was ending. At that time I didn’t really have a phone or social media so staying in contact was barely in the picture, I also found that she didn’t even want to. I realized I, this whole time, was the one who truly loved and cared for her but she found me to just be a fun person who she could use to benefit yourself. But I had no idea our relationship was even like that before her leaving, of course this is a really toxic example but the point I was headed it after she left I ended up feeling the freedom of trying to make new friends, even though it was insanely hard and I found I still didn’t want to fully move on from the past fp. But I desperately wanted to try because I knew if I didn’t I’d have no one to really fill such a huge gap in my life and I found life miserable, I didn’t want to feel like that anymore. So I thought to myself…let me find someone even better. Someone who has what they other was lacking, someone who could make me feel more safe and less like a rollercoaster in my head. And you know what? I did. And I’ve ended up being close friends with the new friend I made literally only because the past fp left for 8 years moving forward. There’s hope. There’s definitely hope you’ll be able to find someone again who’ll love you the way you need and someone to feel safe with <3

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